Things Just Keep Happening!

No one can deny that for being a smaller campus Bryan College sure is a happening place!

Last week they announced some awesome new opportunities in the Master’s program! I thought this was pretty neat, particularly the new focus in Ministry in the Master of Business Administration. I’d never heard of that option before. So how cool is that?! I am really liking how the staff here are constantly looking for new ways to make our school an even better place. I am excited about these new opportunities!


Another interesting thing happening this week was Honors Chapel this morning. I found the whole experience really neat to see. It was awesome to have the opportunity to clap for and acknowledge those awesome people on campus! They handed out a ton of awards and scholarships to deserving students as well as acknowledging some of the faculty for their dedication. Hard work does indeed pay off!

And then on a random note, one of the guys dorms (yes, the entire dorm) decided to have a dodge-ball tournament on the tennis courts. I happened to be on the hunt for some M&Ms in one of the vending machines at the time and noticed the commotion over on the courts. Turned out to be great entertainment! I just sat in the grass with some other girls and ate my chocolate while I watched the guys try to injure each other. I perfect way to procrastinate from doing my homework.

And finally, only two weeks left before summer break! Hurray!


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