The Bryan Opportunity Dinner

I had the wonderful opportunity to represent Bryan College at an event a few days ago. It was a dinner hosted by Bryan to benefit the college’s scholarship fund.  It took place off campus at a large (and rather nice) convention center. A small group of fellow students and I were invited to attend the dinner and to represent the college. It was a privilege to represent the school, since I am myself benefited by Bryan College’s scholarships.

One of the best (and most fun!) things about the dinner was the guest of honor. Mark Lowery! He is an incredibly funny Christian comedian, and he is a gifted singer. If you haven’t ever heard any of his jokes before, I am sure you have heard one of the songs he has written. “Mary Did You Know” has become one of the most well loved Christmas songs that has been written in recent years, and it is one of my all-time favorite Christmas carols!

Mark Lowery made the evening extremely memorable. He had the crowd both laughing hysterically and crying. He was also very down to earth and personable. After the majority of the guests left our group of students got to take a picture with him!

It was an incredibly fun evening, and I was honored to be able to represent the college. I am extremely grateful to everyone who attended the dinner and donated to support Bryan’s scholarships. On behalf of the students receiving those scholarships: thank you!


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