Guest Post: Drakeford Concert

Hey everybody! This is Amber (Karis’ roommate), and I just wanted to quickly share a little bit about a concert I went to last night here at Bryan!

Yes, Bryan is a small school in a small town in Tennessee, but that doesn’t mean we never have really cool events like plays and concerts and such. Yesterday I had the opportunity to listen to Drakeford during chapel, and at a concert last night. I had never heard of this husband-wife duo before, but I’m really glad I’m familiar with them and their music now!


It was really awesome to hear them tell about their lives, and their stories of serving the Lord both here (Chattanooga) and oversees (mainly in Turkey!). They just seemed like really great people with great hearts, not to mention musical talent!


This concert was part of their album release tour for their new album, Anchors Aweigh. It was really just a beautiful night. Sitting up on the third floor of Latimer (one of our main campus buildings), windows all around, sunset in the background, Christmas lights draped around the room, worshipful and fun acoustic music…. A perfect break from the stresses of college life 🙂


Have an awesome week!




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