Spring Banquet!

Once upon a time Bryan College had a banquet.

This banquet, like every other banquet, had a theme. And that theme was…



There were many fine ladies with equally dashing escorts.

I of course was accompanied by some of my very dearest friends, and we had an absolutely enchanting time.


The only oddity of the evening is that one of my “friends” kept insisting that I eat this apple. But being that I was not particularly in the mood for fruit, I attempted to graciously decline. She seemed somewhat put off by that. I am still not entirely sure why…


We concluded the evening by snapping a photograph while sitting in the throne room. I felt oddly at ease there. Maybe it was meant to be…

The End.




5 thoughts on “Spring Banquet!

  1. You girl all look absolutely gorg!!! That pink ballgown is just loooovely on you, Karis. Also, you look quite at ease in the throne room. I think it was definitely meant to be. ;D


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