The Joy of Midterms

Yes, that title was a little sarcastic.

Ok. A lot sarcastic…

But here’s thing, I should be writing a rather long paper that is due today. But instead I am writing to you all my lovely readers.

Since midterms are not a very exciting subject, let us discuss something else.

Next week we have a very exciting day coming up. Classes are canceled, which is always cause for celebration, because we are having an all school service project day! A few days ago they emailed out a list of a bunch of different volunteer opportunities that you could sign up to help with. I am looking forward to it because I volunteered to help out at an animal shelter. Puppies and no class all in the same day! Needless to say I think it might turn out to be the highlight of my week… Seriously, puppies!

But, to bring myself off that cloud, that is next week. Today, I really need to finish that paper. So I will bid you so long for now! Happy midterm-ing!

635820151345111841829156940_Midterm Article Photo


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