Spring Break Fun!

Classes were out last week because it was spring break!

It was a much needed time off for I think everyone at school. The perfect opportunity to regroup and refresh!

I spent the first part of the week with my roommate and another friend. We decided to take a road trip to visit some friends who lived several hours away. It was great to get off campus and see a little of the outside world. Sometimes I just get so absorbed in my school work I just forget that there is an outside world! So it was great to get away from the books for a bit. We spent the days watching Star Trek (Beth, sorry, but it is better. End of story.), ice skating, and just driving around town jamming to some interesting music. I even made a new horse friend! (I have a talent for gaining new equine acquaintances wherever I go. You have been warned.) It was a great couple of days!

But this week it’s back to classes. But it hasn’t been bad. I mean I’m sure we’d all love to just bask in the sun on the beach for the rest of semester, but let’s be realistic now, that won’t earn you a degree. I’ve actually had several guest speakers in my classes this week that have been interesting. So that’s always fun!

Not that this week is really going to last that long. We get out early for Easter! Hurray!


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