You Are an Overcomer!

That moment when you’re sitting in class and your guest speaker for the day looks really familiar. That voice though… And then it hits you that it’s the father of one of the freshman you know! It makes for an amusing epiphany moment in class. Better than coffee I tell you! A great way to wake up.

Anyways! Pardon me for that random little short story…

I really wanted to share some inspiration with you guys today.

Last week I attended a concert that featured the singer Mandisa. If you don’t already listen to her music, go and change that right now! She’s a great vocalist, but the best part of her music is how she inspires people to find courage and be stronger. I know she inspires me. So while Mandisa didn’t write the following quotes I hope we can read them in the same light. I hope you know you’re an overcomer!




Hope you feel a little bit more uplifted now! (By the way, did you find the hidden link to that song?) Until next time!


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