Freshman Year Part Two! (And snow!)

I’m back!

The spring semester started officially last week on Wednesday.

Well, I say “spring” which it is not. In fact I only got to go to my 9 a.m. class before all the rest of the classes for the day were canceled! We got quite a lot of snow and ice the first day of classes, and (since we live in the south and none of us know how to drive on ice) they canceled classes so all the professors and commuters could get home. But that obviously made the rest of us very happy! (As it was evident by the loud and long-winded cheer that went up in the crowd when they announced it in the morning chapel service.)

As soon as we came out of chapel we were greeted my gorgeous heavy falling snow! And, since I did not have any homework and nothing now planned for the rest of the day, I knew I had to run (er slide) back to my room to grab my camera and to take some pictures! It was absolutely perfect conditions for a photo-shoot. I recruited a couple of willing models along the way and nearly froze my fingers off, but came out with some beautiful pictures in the snow! Mind if I share a few?

Alex. One of the lovely freshman friends I’ve made!
Rebekah. My awesome cousin!
Amber. My sweet roommate!

When it came right down to it, I thought that was an absolutely lovely way to start off the new semester! I hope we get snow the first day of classes like that every year!


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