Deck the Halls (er, Doors…)

So I hinted before about how my roommate and I were planning for decorate our door.

We decided to decorate it like a Gingerbread House!

I think we probably spent a little too much time working on this… But we both agreed it was a little therapeutic. I great way to release stress! We had a lot of fun doing this.


Some of the other girls on my hall did a wonderful job decorating their doors for Christmas too! Here are a few of the other doors.




I think we are all really looking forward to Christmas!


3 thoughts on “Deck the Halls (er, Doors…)

  1. Hi Karis! I always really enjoy reading your blog/watching your videos and hearing about what is going on around campus at Bryan! I’m a homeschooler (and I love nerdy stuff too!) and a senior, and I will be coming to Bryan in the Fall, so it’s been so neat getting to hear your perspective of what life is like at Bryan! So thanks for having such a cool blog and for all the insight into life as a student at Bryan! Merry Christmas 🙂


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