Latin Songs and The Hunger Games

First I’d like to say sorry for not keeping up with my blogging this week. But the good news is the reason this blog post is delayed is because there were some really fun things happening the end of the week that I wanted to be able tell you all about!

First was the Fall Musical Showcase! Which featured the choir I sing in which is the Women’s Chorus. We opened the concert with a gorgeous (and I might add, quite complicated) Latin song entitled Festival Gloria. The most amazing thing about this concert is the fact that we got to sing with full orchestra. Listening to a full orchestra live is amazing; singing with a full orchestra is just plain spectacular! (And a little nerve-racking!) But it was such a great experience. I am so thankful that I was given the opportunity!


Part 2 of this weekend was Saturday night, and it  was the Winter Banquet at Bryan! This year the theme was The Hunger Games. And let me say, SGA did a wonderful job of planning and decorating this event. The place looked spectacular! Each table was a different district and was decorated accordingly. I went with some friends and we ended up choosing to represent District 6 which is transportation. And of course you can’t have a banquet theme called “The Hunger Games” without playing games! Sadly our district got eliminated in the second round. Guess we would’t survive the real hunger games…


This is a bunch of the girls from my floor. We thought it would be fun to take a picture together!

I think the Banquet was a great success; everyone really enjoyed it!


2 thoughts on “Latin Songs and The Hunger Games

  1. Is that you in the front row of ladies’ chorus, to the right of Amber, with one person in between you? I wish your Mom or someone had videotaped you girls singing this with live orchestra! Sorry we missed this. . ❤ Mrs. Pam


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