The #1 Thing to Do in the Fall at Bryan

Its Fall.

So what is the #1 thing to do when you’re a college student at Bryan when the leaves start turning those gorgeous colors of orange and red?

Go get fresh apples of course!

Tennessee is known for its delicious, crisp, and juicy apples in the Autumn weather. The scenic surrounding mountains make it the perfect atmosphere for growing them. (Okay, I may be going on a little bit too much about the apples here… But in all honesty they are one of my absolute favorite things about this time of year!)

Enter Wooden’s Apple House.

If you currently go to school at Bryan and you haven’t made a trip to the “Apple Barn”, you need to go. It is a beautiful drive up to the top of one the surroundings mountains, and it sits amidst the local farm land. Its a day trip guaranteed to relieve at least some of your school-related stress.

The “Apple Barn” is just good old fashioned fun, and it is one of my favorite local attractions! I’ve already been up there several times this year, and I’d love to go again before the season is over!


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