Intramural Volleyball #HereComesTreble

I briefly mentioned at the end of my last post that I joined an intramural volleyball team. But I use the term “joined” rather loosely. I’m really only there so that if someone breaks their leg I can play and they won’t be disqualified. Haha. I really don’t play volleyball guys…

Anyways, with these games I pretty much just go to support and cheer them on.

So thus far they’ve played two games. Won the first, lost the second. But in their defense in the second game they lost to the #1 team that won the last intramural volleyball tournament. Considering that, they did really good!

But mostly it’s just to have fun!

I decided to take my camera to the last game to try to get a few shots. I didn’t get many pictures, but here are a few that I did end up getting. 😉

Warming up or waiting for our game to start. Either way…





Lastly, the team name is Here Comes Treble. Most of the people on the team are musically talented. They thought the name was clever. (Trouble/Treble, get it?) 😀


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