Bryan’s Got Talent!

So what’s happening around campus this week?

There are actually several really cool events that I am excited about.

First we have the Calm Amidst Chaos art event.


You are invited to The Worldview Initiative’s 2nd annual Art Event highlighting different artists on Bryan campus. This one night event will feature different mediums of art: paintings, drawings, music, short stories, short films etc. highlighting the idea of “calm amidst chaos”. Our desire is to discuss the paradox of having serenity within the storms of life. These works of art will examine the role faith has in one’s response and how art can reflect a truthful response to these issues. Refreshments will be provided.

Sounds pretty cool, right? (Particularly the bit about refreshments. Food is basically what gets us college students out of our rooms…) I am really looking forward to going to this event because it gives students the opportunity to showcase their art form, and for them to interpret their meaning of “calm amidst chaos”. I think it is going to make an impact on the student life here.

And then on Sunday we are having the Freshman Talent show! Which is just going to be plain fun. I’m looking forward to seeing some talented folks (and having a good laugh!). This is probably going to be the highlight of my week. I’ve been hearing about what people are going to be doing and its sounding pretty awesome!


But bringing it back to the more close future, tonight we have intramural volleyball going on. Which is bound to be interesting…


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