Returning to Work

I’m officially back from Fall break now!

It was so nice to have a break from school. I don’t know about the rest of you, but it was nice to be home and sleep until noon everyday! (Okay. I didn’t sleep until 12:00 everyday, but you get the idea…) I am really glad that we get an entire week off from school in the fall at Bryan. Its a great way to recharge.

And now hopefully everyone is ready to get back to work. After all, we are supposed to be getting an education here.

Oddly enough though, most of my midterms are this week instead of last week. Which I’m actually kind of thankful for since it gave me an extra week to study. But on the other hand it does mean that I have to be back hitting the books hard after break. No easing back into it! Oh well, can’t win all the time.

In other news, I really enjoyed the chapel service this morning. We had a speaker share his incredible story of growing up in poverty in Haiti as a child to becoming a biological engineer today because he was sponsored through Compassion International. It was a really inspirational story! How the act of a few ladies who had faith in God gave him the chance to better his life. And how there are more children out there today that still need that opportunity. I definitely want to look into the sponsorship program of sponsoring children in other poor countries around the world to attend school like our speaker today did.


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