Fandom Tuesday and Superhero Wednesday!

Well the last two days on campus have been very fun! And entertaining. Mostly entertaining.

Tuesday was Fandom day. There was much debate as to what I was going to wear. I’m in a lot of fandoms, so it’s kind of difficult to choose just one to dress up as. But in the end (and a brilliant thrift store buy later) I decided to go with Pirates of the Caribbean. I only got to wear my costume for about two hours before I had to change for a dress rehearsal in choir, but it is definitely one of my all time favorite costumes that I have come up with. It was so much fun!

The only picture I got of myself that day was a random mirror selfie…

My roommate and some other friends also dressed up, and they asked me to take some pictures for them. I have to say, their costumes were spot on. I loved it! Here’s Mystery Incorporated!


The 11th Doctor also showed up along the way too… Of course we had to get a picture!


And then today was superhero day! Which I think everyone loved. I mean, who doesn’t have a favorite superhero? I went with a casual Black Widow cosplay from Captain America: The Winter Soldier. A lot of people dressed up as Marvel characters. We gathered a few together for a quick picture earlier. Which turned out very entertaining…

DSC_0208-1 So as you can see Spirit Week has been a huge success so far! And the fun is only just beginning. Tomorrow is Throwback Thursday to the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s! It’s going to be good!


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