Its Election Time!

The elections are in full swing around here!

When you read that you probably think of something like the presidential elections. While those elections are still a year off, around here on campus we are having our own election. Which may not be as important as the next United States’ President, but hey they still are pretty important!

This week the elections are for the freshman class. They’re looking for positions like representative, an events planner, and the class president.

People are getting pretty in to it, and I have to say some of the “campaigns” are rather amusing. There’s one major difference between our elections and the actual presidential elections; ours are quite a bit more fun! And far more light hearted, that’s for sure! So far I’ve seen two “campaign posters” hanging around campus. I thought they were pretty entertaining, so I’ll share them with you!

11986601_1030341687000290_1190111341925258012_nI believe the freshman class is voting later this week and we should know who is elected pretty soon. And those people will be our freshman class’s representatives to the higher authorities on campus. And they will be in charge of planning fun events for our class. (And collaborating with the other classes for campus wide events like banquet!) It honestly sounds like a ton of fun to be part of senate or even class president. I actually did seriously consider running, but I ended up deciding I didn’t really have the time or focus for it this semester. (Maybe next year though!) But it sounds super cool, and I look forward to seeing who our class elects!


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