A Major Question

One of the things I’ve noticed, now being in my third week of school at college, is that there is one question you will hear a lot. Like, a lot. Particularly during freshman orientation. I mean it is completely understandable. Everyone is trying to get to know everyone else. Each person is hoping to meet their new best friend or at least find their special “friend group”. You’ll naturally be curious to know what everyone else is in to. What they like or dislike. So what will just about every person you meet be asking you? (And let’s be honest, you’ll be asking everyone else the same thing…)

What is your major?

And, of course after I’ve written that, I’m sure you are now wondering the same thing about me. Well, let me save you the effort of asking and I’ll just go ahead and answer that for you.

I am currently signed up as a Business major. I say “currently” because according to Google about 80% of college students change their major. And who am I to defy the odds? But really, I mostly say “currently” because I like doing a lot of different things. While I am taking business courses, I am also in classes such as Psychology, Introduction to Film, and I also joined the Women’s Choir here. (we are learning some amazing music this semester!)

So you see, I don’t have my mind made up or set on anything yet. Sometimes I wish I knew exactly where I want to go in life. But I just do not. But I think that is part of what college is all about. For now I believe that I am here to learn new things and to just grow. And Bryan College is the perfect place to begin that journey!

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