Freshman Year Complete #1BigFamily


The Perfect Remedy for Finals

Its the last week of classes! Finals are next week! Stress is in the air!

So what’s better?

Playing with puppies…

Or dunking the president of your school…?

Either way, Bryan College has the remedy for all that end-of-the-year-stress!

And by the way, my roommate went home with and adopted one of the puppies… Congrats Amber! He’s so cute!

Things Just Keep Happening!

No one can deny that for being a smaller campus Bryan College sure is a happening place!

Last week they announced some awesome new opportunities in the Master’s program! I thought this was pretty neat, particularly the new focus in Ministry in the Master of Business Administration. I’d never heard of that option before. So how cool is that?! I am really liking how the staff here are constantly looking for new ways to make our school an even better place. I am excited about these new opportunities!


Another interesting thing happening this week was Honors Chapel this morning. I found the whole experience really neat to see. It was awesome to have the opportunity to clap for and acknowledge those awesome people on campus! They handed out a ton of awards and scholarships to deserving students as well as acknowledging some of the faculty for their dedication. Hard work does indeed pay off!

And then on a random note, one of the guys dorms (yes, the entire dorm) decided to have a dodge-ball tournament on the tennis courts. I happened to be on the hunt for some M&Ms in one of the vending machines at the time and noticed the commotion over on the courts. Turned out to be great entertainment! I just sat in the grass with some other girls and ate my chocolate while I watched the guys try to injure each other. I perfect way to procrastinate from doing my homework.

And finally, only two weeks left before summer break! Hurray!

Video: Bryan College Service Day

Bryan College Service Day 2016

The All-College Service Day is an expression of the commitment to community Bryan College cultivates. Every year since 2005, students and faculty set aside a normal class day to instead serve the individuals of Rhea County. Organizing historical documents for the museum, clearing brush for a family farm, painting offices for the Women’s Care Center, kicking soccer balls with children at the YMCA, or playing cards with the elderly—these services are all accomplished in an effort to show Christ’s love to the local world around Bryan College.

The Bryan Opportunity Dinner

I had the wonderful opportunity to represent Bryan College at an event a few days ago. It was a dinner hosted by Bryan to benefit the college’s scholarship fund.  It took place off campus at a large (and rather nice) convention center. A small group of fellow students and I were invited to attend the dinner and to represent the college. It was a privilege to represent the school, since I am myself benefited by Bryan College’s scholarships.

One of the best (and most fun!) things about the dinner was the guest of honor. Mark Lowery! He is an incredibly funny Christian comedian, and he is a gifted singer. If you haven’t ever heard any of his jokes before, I am sure you have heard one of the songs he has written. “Mary Did You Know” has become one of the most well loved Christmas songs that has been written in recent years, and it is one of my all-time favorite Christmas carols!

Mark Lowery made the evening extremely memorable. He had the crowd both laughing hysterically and crying. He was also very down to earth and personable. After the majority of the guests left our group of students got to take a picture with him!

It was an incredibly fun evening, and I was honored to be able to represent the college. I am extremely grateful to everyone who attended the dinner and donated to support Bryan’s scholarships. On behalf of the students receiving those scholarships: thank you!

Guest Post: Drakeford Concert

Hey everybody! This is Amber (Karis’ roommate), and I just wanted to quickly share a little bit about a concert I went to last night here at Bryan!

Yes, Bryan is a small school in a small town in Tennessee, but that doesn’t mean we never have really cool events like plays and concerts and such. Yesterday I had the opportunity to listen to Drakeford during chapel, and at a concert last night. I had never heard of this husband-wife duo before, but I’m really glad I’m familiar with them and their music now!


It was really awesome to hear them tell about their lives, and their stories of serving the Lord both here (Chattanooga) and oversees (mainly in Turkey!). They just seemed like really great people with great hearts, not to mention musical talent!


This concert was part of their album release tour for their new album, Anchors Aweigh. It was really just a beautiful night. Sitting up on the third floor of Latimer (one of our main campus buildings), windows all around, sunset in the background, Christmas lights draped around the room, worshipful and fun acoustic music…. A perfect break from the stresses of college life 🙂


Have an awesome week!